My earliest memories of baking began at age four with myself, mother and older sister. Spending time in the kitchen with my mom had to be some of my most precious memories to date! Our love for sweets and chocolate was undeniable!

On any day, our mom saw fit to have us assist her in making some of the best dark chocolate brownies I could ever imagine! We followed the recipes off containers from a baker’s coco container, who knew from that day on my love for baked goods as well as chocolate would be embedded in my heart forever!

From teen to adulthood and right before my mother’s passing in 2016, I was privileged enough to be by her side with our mini cooking adventures in the kitchen! Beginning with baking my first batch of chocolate chip cookies, to Tres leches cupcakes, my very first cherry topped homemade cheesecake and much, much more!

I have baked on many occasions especially holidays since my mom’s passing, but my younger brother and others have said many times that I should share my baked goods with others! Now as a blind retired veteran many would see this as a challenge. I see it as a passion and an opportunity to show others in the world that just because you may be without eyesight you are surely not without a vision! In this case mine is to bake and share how sweet life can be with one slice of cake, one cookie, and one homemade hug at a time!

 I offer the below: 

Cookies, Brownies, Rice Krispy Treats, Lemon Squares, Sweet Potato Squares, Cakes, Pies, Pie Crusts & more!  If you have a special request, please text or email.

Thank you for supporting my business! ~Joi

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